Get to Know Your FFA: Lenore Bonilla

Get to Know Your FFA: Lenore Bonilla

As a foster parent, you’ve likely faced your share of hardships and moments that left you feeling lost. There may have even been times where you felt like you were going through this journey alone. Before letting thoughts like these get the best of you, remember your embrella Family Advocate (FFA) is just a phone call away.

At FAFS, we have a dedicated team of FFAs who are there to help you through any situation. When you reach out to speak with an Advocate, you don’t need to worry about talking to a new person every time. Each county has a specific FFA assigned to it, ensuring you can develop a personal relationship with your Advocate.

If you live in Burlington, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth or Ocean County, I’m your FFA. I came to FAFS after working as a caseworker for five years where I was able to see firsthand the struggles foster parents face every day. I can explain the details of the policies and the requirements associated with them. More importantly, I can be that emotional support and listening ear when you need it.

I receive questions that cover a range of topics, such as information on court appearances, daycare schedules and where you can connect with other resource parents.

At times, there isn’t always a right answer I can give you. There are going to be times when the answers I give are based on policies and procedures, and they may be hard to hear, but I’m going to be here to walk you through it.

The moment you find out that a child is going to be leaving your house can be heartbreaking. You don’t need to go through that pain alone – I will help you work through these emotions. I can also assist you in advocating for the children in a situation where it may be in their best interest to remain with you. But regardless of the outcome, I’m here as an emotional support if you want someone to vent to.

If you are a licensed resource parent in New Jersey and would like to speak to me further, you can reach out by emailing or by calling 609-520-1500 ext. 314.

Author: Craig Dudek, Digital Content Creator

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