Being a Single Foster Parent

being a single foster parent

If you want things done right, you’ve got to do them yourself. Whoever first uttered this age-old adage must have been strong-willed and self-assured because that’s the type of person it takes to stand up to life’s many challenges on your own. Single foster parents know this all too well. To say that handling the ups and downs of life as a single foster parent while ensuring you meet the needs of your foster child is a tough job is an understatement. But that’s what being a single foster parent is all about – rising to the occasion, remaining confident in your abilities and disregarding anyone who says it can’t or shouldn’t be done.

Being a Single Foster Parent – Rise to the occasion:

By simply becoming a foster parent, you’ve already completed the most difficult part of this step – the rest is all about following through with the commitment you’ve made to your child’s well-being. As the tides of life ebb and flow, always remember why you chose to be a foster parent: do you believe every child deserves a loving home? Do you sympathize for children who grow up without a strong role model to look up to? Were you unable to have your own children? Do you believe in the benefits of a strong family unit? Are you invested in the future? There are dozens of reasons for being a single foster parent, and it’s important to hold them close while your child travels the pathway through care.

Being a Single Foster Parent – Remain confident in your abilities:

Your child is screaming; the pasta is boiling over; the phone is ringing; soccer practice starts in 5 minutes, and it’s 15 minutes away; there’s no one around to lend a hand and it’s all up to you. Moments like these can leave anyone doubting their parenting skills – and their sanity. But when faced with the seemingly never-ending challenges being a single foster parent presents, it’s important to remain confident in your ability to get the job done. Remember that your foster child is in your home because his biological parents were unable, at least temporarily, to provide the type of care you’ve committed to. Every child deserves a loving home and in this child’s life, you are the primary provider of the love and the home.

Being a Single Foster Parent – Disregard anyone who says it can’t or shouldn’t be done:

The truth is that being a single foster parent has been done, is being done and will continue to be done as long as the need is there. Those who enter your life to tell you that you’re living it incorrectly may not share your passion for children, family, love and care, or recognize the meaning it adds to your life. The fact remains, though, that passion stays true despite what others may say or think about it. Never underestimate yourself and your ability to follow through with the parts of your life that you are most passionate about.

Author: Thomas Castles, FAFS Communication and Development Associate

One thought on “Being a Single Foster Parent

  1. I am a single foster mom and I struggled with no help multiple times. These children dont have the option of a simple play date after school or a few hours at grandmas on the weekend so it can be challenging. I have had days where I long for my foster child to be quiet, elsewhere, and someone else’s concern. Its made me better appreciate single parenting and I am lucky to have a supportive village that I can call on when I find myself at my end. What I missed the most was a quiet walk in the evening and I longed to for some peaceful processing; a neighbor volunteered to sit a few evenings so I had that opportunity. I also embraced respite weekends; the time away helped me better cope with the constant demands. Its hard but being alone shouldnt stop anyone from opening their heart and home.

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