Summer Camp Scholarships for Children in Foster Care

Camp Scholarships for Children in Foster Care

There’s no time of year more valued by children than summer. With school out of session and the weather prime for playtime, kids—foster or otherwise—are constantly searching for something to do. Look no further than a place where foster children can flourish and build self-confidence while having fun: summer camp.

Summer camp can be an important experience in any child’s life, especially a foster child.

Camp is an opportunity for foster children to socialize with other kids and discover a sense of normalcy that is sometimes missing from their lives. It’s a chance to make friends, experience new activities and, in some cases, reunite with siblings who were placed in other homes.

It’s a chance for an unforgettable summer.

And with the help of Foster and Adoptive Family summer camp scholarships, NJ’s foster, adoptive and kinship children can do this for free.

Summer Camp Scholarships for Children in Foster Care

FAFS, in conjunction with Camp Johnsonburg, offers scholarships that provide foster, adoptive and kinship children the opportunity to stay at an overnight camp for a week at no cost to foster parents.

Thanks to caring and generous people, more than 250 summer camp scholarships for foster children in NJ have been awarded since the program’s inception, giving kids in care the chance to make happy summer memories that last a lifetime.

Summer camp is also a chance to give loving and caring foster parents a brief and well-earned respite. Every parent can benefit from rest, and foster parents can rest easy knowing the children are in good hands with a caring and professional staff.

With summer camp, foster kids can break free from technology’s hold to experience the great outdoors. Instead of staring at their iPhones and playing Farmville, kids can swim and actually farm the land. They can hike, ride zip lines and go boating, all while surrounded by kids like themselves.

It’s a chance for foster kids to discover not only what they like, but who they are.

For more information, check out our camp scholarships page.

Author: Lloyd Nelson, FAFS Digital Media Manager

Lloyd Nelson is the Digital Media Manager of Foster and Adoptive Family Services. He can be reached at

12 thoughts on “Summer Camp Scholarships for Children in Foster Care

  1. Hey I am a Foster child in sil and I was wondering if there are any summer camps for youth ages 16-18 that. Are free in michigain?

    1. Hi Sonya!

      Unfortunately, Foster and Adoptive Family Services is a New Jersey nonprofit that serves the resource families of New Jersey. We don’t have any information on the resources available to North Carolina foster families. We recommend that you check with your child’s caseworker to see if they’re aware of any potential programs or subsidies.

      Frank Alvarez
      Digital Content Creator

  2. Looking for summer camp for a 10 year old who lost her dad a year ago. We are low income and i have custody of her and her sister who is 4 we are in California

  3. I’m having a having finding acamp for a greaving 10yr old. We are in Antioch California. Please help thanks

  4. Hi my name is Georgette I’m looking for a free overnight summer camp for my foster kids that are 13 and 16 please send information 404 707 1577 or my email I’m from Atlanta Georgia

  5. We are in the Mississippi Delta are there any FREE SUMMER CAMPS FOR CHILDREN IN CARE AGES 15-17?

  6. Please , have 2 Forster children, would love for them to go to camp. Tried the YMCA of Riverdale bronx New York . But they only offered me 1ooo dollars , for the 2 kids and the camp cost over 7000 for the summer . Can any body help me .

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