The Future Is Family: Upcoming Changes to our Blog

As you may have noticed, there’s been a lot of change taking place at our headquarters in Princeton.  At the start of this year, we changed our name and the scope of our mission to show that we care about making the New Jersey foster care system better for every person involved.  Alongside those changes, we’re also trying to refocus our online presence to be more relevant and meaningful to you, our parents.That means that the way we deliver news, information and foster care stories is going to change.  From now on, your main source for all of that will be our new foster care site, The Future Is Family. 

In this age of social media, it’s truer now more than ever that no person is an island – communities grow, thrive and accomplish real change online.  With The Future is Family, we’re inviting you to be a part of exactly that sort of growth so that we can all make the New Jersey foster care system better every day.  We’ll focus on showing what foster care is really like, as told by real parents, youth and families.  We plan to bring you foster family profiles, videos, and photo essays that document the struggles and success that all of you face.  We’ll be sharing inspiring social media posts from Instagram, developing and hosting our weekly A Foster Parent Asks Q&A archive and pointing you to useful programs and organizations that can help you manage your fostering lifestyle.

After our launch in the Fall, we’ll be working hard to really build up The Future is Family to make it the most convenient source possible for your foster care information.  Through Facebook and Instagram integration, it will become easier than ever to meet other like-minded foster parents on our site as you like and share the stories you enjoy the most.   We hope to make this new project a central source where everyone can gather and speak about their shared experiences as people living the reality of foster care. 

If you’ve liked our content so far, don’t worry!  Although new posts will appear on The Future Is Family, everything we’ve written before that point will remain up indefinitely as an archive for your convenience.

We look forward to building a place where we can connect and celebrate the families within the child welfare community.

Author: Frank Alvarez, Digital Content Creator

Frank Alvarez is the Digital Media Coordinator at Foster and Adoptive Family Services.

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