Why Do You Give to embrella?

Why do you give

Here at embrella, we devote ourselves to providing support, training and advocacy to meet the special needs of foster, adoptive and kinship families who provide safe, stable and nurturing homes for children in foster care. That’s why when someone, especially a parent, turns around and donates money, we’re moved. It means so much to us to receive support from those we’re dedicated to supporting. Thank you.

Why do you give to FAFS? Everyone has their own reasons. Some people are foster parents and they’ve seen where the money goes. They know firsthand the difference it makes.

They’ve seen how a $15 donation can replace an abused child’s memory with a happy one by helping send him to summer camp – giving him his first chance to experience the outdoors. They witnessed how a $20 donation can give a little girl a backpack filled with pajamas, a storybook and a stuffed animal — but more importantly, give her comfort on her first night outside of the only home she knew.

Some people are former foster kids. They remember what it was like the first time they joined their friends on the field at soccer camp, that feeling of being part of a team that just can’t be duplicated, all because someone took the time to donate. They want someone else to have a chance to feel that.

Then there are those who donate because they believe in helping others and leaving the world a better place than they found it.

Donors Craig Berry and his wife, Christine Feorino, gave because they believe in the mission.

Craig Berry:

How did you learn about FAFS?

Through attendance at the annual conference FAFS hosted in Bridgewater several years ago.

When did you first donate?


Why did you donate?

FAFS does a terrific job of supporting foster and adoptive families, facilitating and tracking our training, hosts county monthly meetings and offers coordination activities related to adoption.

What about FAFS made us worthy of your hard-earned money and time?

I was impressed with the support program and saw the value it could offer an adoptive family; plus we found Mary Jane Awrachow always enthusiastic about moving the program forward!

Would you tell others to donate? Why?

Yes, it is a worthy cause with much benefit to the foster and adoptive family community in New Jersey.

To Craig, his wife and all those out there that have supported FAFS, we thank you.

Become a member. Please donate today.

Author: Lloyd Nelson, FAFS Digital Media Manager

Lloyd Nelson is the Digital Media Manager of Foster and Adoptive Family Services. He can be reached at lnelson@fafsonline.org.

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