Creating a Time Capsule with your Foster Child

Creating a Time Capsule with your Foster Child

There is no knowing how the future will turn out when you decide to become a foster parent. Maybe you’ll foster and fall in love with a child. Maybe you’ll realize that the work you’re doing is truly important and make fostering your life’s work. You might even foster and find out that it’s not for you. Whatever the experience, the journey will probably change you. And any journey worth taking is one worth remembering. Creating a time capsule that allows you to look back on the time you spent with your foster child will likely be worth it. Here’s how to make it happen.

Take photos of and with your foster child.

Just about everyone has a camera in their pocket these days. Pointing it at your foster child is putting it to good use. Take pictures of your foster child at school. Take pictures of him at home. Take pictures of him with his friends, take pictures with his family. Does he play a sport? Does he love to read? Take pictures of it all. Your foster child will grow and learn quicker than you can keep pace with. Photos will help you remember each moment – even as the moments of fun fly by.

Get creative with your foster child.

Next to photos, there’s nothing that can help you reach back in time like something you’ve created yourself. Get busy with a coloring book, a model ship, a personalized holiday decoration, some watercolor paint, a scrapbook, a photo album – anything you can think of that could become a keepsake down the road. Keep in mind that creation is powerful. By creating something, foster children who haven’t had any say in the matters that affect their life the most can exercise control.

Give a day to your foster child.

That means no work, no calls, no checking your newsfeed to see what the rest of the world is up to. Truly giving a day to your foster child means devoting your attention to him from morning until night. Get up and hit the road early – you don’t have to go anywhere fancy or far, just somewhere that you’ll both enjoy. Bring your phone, but keep it on airplane mode so you can only use it to take pictures and shoot video of all the fun things you’re doing. It’s likely that no one has really given a day to your foster child in a long time, if ever. You’ll never forget this day and neither will he.

Think about the things that your foster child loves.

What does your foster child truly care about? If he loves trips to the movies, hold on to the ticket stubs from shows you saw together. If it’s the ocean, hold onto the beach badges from the first day you spent at the shore. Make a copy of a favorite drawing, a favorite movie, or a project from a favorite school subject – even a photo of a favorite teacher. Anything that will help you remember what made your foster child unique is a great addition to the list.

Take all the things you’ve gathered and put them in a time capsule. You can look at its contents every day if you want, or you can set it aside for a special date in the future. If you want to create lasting memories for your foster child too, FAFS has you covered if you’re a licensed resource parent in New Jersey. Call us today and we’ll send you a free “All About Me” Life Book, where you can help your foster child track of the many milestones in his life.

The contents of time capsules are like windows into the past. Without them we might forget just how far we’ve come and how short – or long – life can really be. Have you ever looked at an old photo of yourself and instantly been transported back in time? Ever dug through the basement, found an old toy and remembered a moment in your childhood when things were so much easier? Creating a time capsule with your foster child helps you relive the moments you cherished together and look boldly into the future.

Author: Thomas Castles, FAFS Communication and Development Associate

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